Terminals & Support Buildings
   Architectural Desing  //

For this particular design area, there is a professional group with extensive experience in architectural designer for improvements, expansions, or brand-new projects about:

- Passenger Terminals.
- Cargo Terminal.
- Control Towers.
- Fire Stations. 
- Fuel Storage Stations.
- Parking Lots.
- Security Areas.
- Internal and External Controls.  


 Airport Master Planning  //

General studies about the entire airport, to establish the development parameters in long-term horizons.

Urban and Socio-Economic Studies for airports development.
Operational studies.
Actual and projected demand studies.
Alternatives & formulation.
Projects optimal structuring.
Airside geometric pre-design for aprons & runways.
Architectural design for Terminals Building and support facilities.
Image 3D and Video reports.



 Air Sector Studies  //

Includes basic research for aeronautical projects planning, using updated formulation and calculations techniques for:


- Cargo and Passenger Demand Studies.
- Financial Analysis, Rates and Operating Costs.
- Investment Planning.
- Flight Operation Studies.
- New Airport emplacements and development projects.



 Virtual Architectural Development  //

Our projects involve the implementation of three dimensional and bi-dimensional models for architectural and engineering, as photo-render, 3D animation, virtual scenes and advanced visualizations including:


- Volumetric Concept Development.
- BIM Projects Management.
- Multimedia Presentation.
- Virtual Representation.
- Air Side Simulation with AVIPLAN systems.