Architectural Design of Terminals and Service Buildings

For this area design there is a group of specialists with extensive experience in architectural designed terminals to support punctual projects of:

- Architectural Design of Passenger Terminals.
- Particularly designed Improvements.
- Remodeling.
- Cargo Terminal and Fire Stations Design.
- Fuel Storage Station Design.
- Security System Design.
- Internal and External Controls for Airport Terminals.


   Airport Master Plans 

General studies of the entire airport to establish development parameters in long-term horizons formed by analysis and projection.

- Urban and Socio-Economic  Studies for Expansion or Implementation of  New Airports.
- Operational Demand Study.
- Infrastructure Study Existing and Demand Projected.
- Formulation of alternatives.
- Optimal Project Structuring.
- Geometric Pre-design of Airstrip and platforms.
- Architectural predesigns of Terminals and support facilities.
- Synthesis Reports.
- Image Report in CAD, 3D and Video.


   Project and Work Auditing

Control procedures placed for Auditing ensure proper work monitoring programs and budgets along with strict implementation of the Quality Plan in the fields of:

- Auditing of Airport Architectural Design and Engineering.
- Auditing of Airstrip and  Apron Pavement Works.
- Auditing of Terminal and Support Buildings Construction Works.
- Auditing of General Maintenance Works.


   Studies of Aeronautical Sector

Studies of Aeronautical Sector area includes topics for basic studies in planning development projects and airport infrastructure facilities, using modern techniques of formulation, aided design and calculations systemized.

Major emphasis in the area are:

- Demand Studies and Design of cargo and passengers.
- Financial Analysis, Pricing and Operating Costs.
                                                                                                 - Investment Planning.
                                                                                                 - Studies Air Operations.
                                                                                                 - Studies of expansions, modernization and new facilities.
                                                                                                 - Studies, location and dimensions calculation for new infrastructure.

   Virtual Architectural Development 

Implementation of technology innovation in the development of virtual architectural and engineering using three-dimensional and bidimensional models aided by up to date design tools through photo-render, 3-D animation, virtual scenes representations and advanced visualizations for realistic presentations.

This area develops themes:

- Volumetric Development.
- Virtual Tours.
- Multimedia Presentation.
- Virtual Representations.