Auditing of the Enlargement, Repaving and signaling of Apron // Cartagena >

Client: SACSA S.A.  – 2004

In development work on the Airport Master Plan of the Rafael Núñez international airport of Cartagena city, which one began in January 2004 with auditing work for the recovery of the Principal Apron Geometry, using the method of milling and resurfacing, according to the following Main items:

- Pavement Milling 81.500m².
- Asphalt Mix 8.150 m³.
- Signaling 4.200 m².
- Concrete 160 m³.

To control works SACSA hired with Arquiestudios Ltda. (SCADIA SAS) the Technical, Administrative and Contractual Auditing.

Works Development - Phase I // Cartagena >

Client: SACSA S.A. - 2001

The Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Costa  S.A. (SACSA), Project Development for props, hired SCADIA SAS in August 2001 for a period of six (6) months, to prepare the architectural and engineering design for the 12 infrastructure projects corresponding to this first phase of development.

In addition to the development of designs, preparation of tender documents, development of technical specifications, unit prices, budgets and programming work, was also included.

Auditing Works Master Plan // Cartagena >

Client: SACSA S.A. - 2000/2002

SCADIA SAS was hired by the Sociedad Aeroportuaria de la Costa S.A. (SACSA) to carry out the Auditing of the works of Runway Borders Repaving and Leveling of Safety Margins at the airport from Cartagena, Colombia.

This auditing was developed over a working area of 152,000 m².

This work is the first step done within the framework of the works concerning the first Phase of development to the Airport 

Master Plan was included as direct labor contract review, review of projects, control of execution of work, the administrative control of contracts and were presented periodic reports on progress of the work and the development of a Final Report.