Studies and Architectural Design of the Maintenance and Repair Overhaul Facilities MRO / Avianca

 Contracting: AVIANCA - 2014

SCADIA performed the architectural design for hangars facilities, workshops, offices, buildings and technical facilities, the final buildings areas designed was 28.000 m2, apron and taxiway areas made was 20.000 m2, the following scopes were development:

 - Geometric designs for airside infrastructure.
 - Architectural designs for main hangar, workshops, offices, technical y services areas.
 - Coordination with technical designs of Engineering developed by GMI (Mexico).


Pavements // Rionegro >

 Contracting: AIRPLAN - 2009

For the development of projects in airstrip and platforms at Josè Maria Cordova International Airport - Rionegro,  the following works were made: surveying, soil surveys, geotechnical studies, geometric design and calculation of flexible pavement that involve the following developments:

- Cargo Terminal Platform, area of 20,000 m2.
- Street Cargo Terminal connection area of 9,590 m2.
- National Platform Extension Zone, area 18,319 m2.
- Pavement Protection, area of 108,000 m2.
- Taxiway.