Studies and Architectural Design of the Maintenance and Repair Overhaul Facilities MRO / Avianca

Client: AVIANCA - 2014

SCADIA SAS performed the architectural design for hangars facilities, workshops, offices, buildings and technical facilities; the final buildings areas designed were 28.000 m2, apron and taxiway areas made were 20.000 m2, the following scopes were development:

- Geometric designs for airside infrastructure.
- Architectural designs for main hangar, workshops, offices, technical and services areas.
- Coordination with technical designs of engineering developed by GMI (Mexico).

Pavements // Rionegro >

Client: AIRPLAN - 2009

Project Development for Runways Borders & Apron Geometry at Josè Maria Cordova International Airport - Rionegro, the following works were made: surveying, soil surveys, geotechnical studies, geometric design and calculation of flexible pavement that involve the following developments

- Cargo terminal apron, area of 20,000 m2.
- Street Cargo Terminal connection area of 9,590 m2.
- National Apron Geometry Extension Zone, area 18,319 m2.
- Pavement Protection, area of 108,000 m2.
- Taxiways.