Feasibility Designs of the New Cartagena de Indias International Airport - SKCG

Client: AECOM - 2018 / 2019

The architecture and technical coordination of the buildings were developed for the new international airport in an APP initiative.

The main activities were related to BIM development of architectural project, specifications and technical coordination with the other specialties associated with the design project.

The following characteristics of the project are highlighted:

•  Passenger Terminal
•  Tower and Control Center
•  Cargo Terminal
•  VIP and FBO Terminals
•  Administrative Building
•  Technical Support Buildings

The duration of the project was 9 months and involved national and international design teams throughout their development.

Commercial Areas Development Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport // Medellin - Colombia

Client: AIRPLAN - 2018

The development of architectural designs was carried out within the project of adjustment of commercial zones in the passenger terminal building of Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport in Medellin - Colombia, for the AIRPLAN S.A concessionaire.


It included the design of access to security control in boarding room, bathrooms, VIP lounges and commercial area.

The project included the development of architectural drawings and plans, as well as the elaboration of conceptual images of the project in 3d representation.
The general areas of the project were the following:

 - Boarding rooms 1,916 m2
 - VIP room 316 m2
 - Commercial areas 432 m2
 - Safety zone RX 132 m2
 - Service of Bathrooms 113 m2


Commercial Areas Development José María Córdova International Airport // Rionegro - Colombia


Client: AIRPLAN  - 2018

Architectural designs for AIRPLAN S.A private operator, to adjust the commercial areas in Domestic & International dock, at passenger terminal building, includes the improve at security controls, duty free, shopping areas.

The project development includes the architectural designs, also all the 3D concept for general virtual representation, the project areas were:

Domestic Dock > 
- Boarding rooms 2,900 m2
- Commercial areas 930 m2
- Commercial areas 3rd Floor 1.020 m2 
- Security 320 m2

International Dock > 
- Boarding rooms 2,200 m2 
- Duty Free 580 m2 
- Commercial areas 2nd Floor 550 m2
- VIP Room 3rd Floor 1.010 m2 
- Migration area 330 m2 & Security 210 m2