Contracting: AECOM          Year 2018-2019

The architecture and technical coordination of the buildings were developed for the new international airport of the city of Cartagena in an APP consortium initiative.

The main activities were related to BIM development of architectural project, specifications and technical coordination with the other specialties associated with the design project.

The following characteristics of the project are highlighted:

•  Passenger Terminal 110,000 m2 (4 Phases)
•  Tower and Control Center 1,800 m2
•  Cargo Terminal 8,000 m2 (2 Phases)
•  VIP and FBO Terminals 3,000 m2
•  Administrative Building 1,500 m2
•  Technical Support Buildings 5,700 m2

The duration of the project was 9 months and involved national and international design teams throughout their development.