Terminal Operating Areas Design // Bogotá >


Client: OPAIN - 2008

Scadia SAS. began in 2008 Operational Area Studies for passenger terminal building under IATA regulations and development of specific projects of architectural renovation of the following sub-projects.


Scope: Design development at the basic architecture and design coordination of punctual finishing.

- Migration zone and Duty-Free.
- Immigration area, baggage and international customs.
- International room area.
- Regional room area National Dock.
- Luggage area and domestic passenger arrivals.
- National room area.
- 11.000 m² Area Design.


Architectural Design Competition // Bogotá >


Convened by: Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos & Ministerio del Transporte – 2005


It was developed in Consortium with Debb Asociados, Grupo Delfos Arquitectos and Scadia SAS, the architectural competition of the El Dorado International Airport, in Bogotá - Colombia, organized by Aeronautica Civil and the S.C.A, providing a comprehensive project with urban and environmental solutions at large scale.

Developed a project for an area of 200,000 m² and 40 hectares of urban development


Expansion and Modernization Terminal Building Design (TPA - Avianca) // Bogotá >


Client: AVIANCA – 2006

Scadia SAS developed the design for expansion and modernization of Terminal “Puente Aéreo” (TPA- AVIANCA S.A) at the International Airport El Dorado - Bogota, project was made at 2006 and includes the following elements:

  Apron Reconfiguration studies and geometric access design, taxiways and aircraft positions with a design area of 43.000 m2.

Development study of passenger’s projection, current state, flows, and operational areas estimations.

Architectural designs to the functional and operational improvements for the passenger terminal with 14,548 m2 design area.