Terminal Operating Areas Design // Bogotá >

Client: OPAIN - 2008

Scadia SAS. began in 2008 Operational Area Studies for passenger terminal building under IATA regulations and development of specific projects of architectural renovation of the following sub-projects.

Scope: Design development at the basic architecture and design coordination of punctual finishing.

- Migration zone and Duty-Free.
- Immigration area, baggage and international customs.
- International room area.
- Regional room area National Dock.
- Luggage area and domestic passenger arrivals.
- National room area.
- 11.000 m² Area Design.


Architectural Design Competition // Bogotá >

Convened by: Sociedad Colombiana de Arquitectos & Ministerio del Transporte – 2005

It was developed in Consortium with Debb Asociados, Grupo Delfos Arquitectos and Scadia SAS, the architectural competition of the El Dorado International Airport, in Bogotá - Colombia, organized by Aeronautica Civil and the S.C.A, providing a comprehensive project with urban and environmental solutions at large scale.

Developed a project for an area of 200,000 m² and 40 hectares of urban development


Expansion and Modernization Terminal Building Design (TPA - Avianca) // Bogotá >

Client: AVIANCA – 2006

Scadia SAS developed the design for expansion and modernization of Terminal “Puente Aéreo” (TPA- AVIANCA S.A) at the International Airport El Dorado - Bogota, project was made at 2006 and includes the following elements:

- Apron Reconfiguration studies and geometric access design, taxiways and aircraft positions with a design area of 43.000 m2.

- Development study of passenger’s projection, current state, flows, and operational areas estimations.

- Architectural designs to the functional and operational improvements for the passenger terminal with 14,548 m2 design area.